your go-to place for excellent-quality zonnepanelen, omvormers, batterijen, montage, laadpaal, installatiemateriaal
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make the most out of your solar panels by using energy from batteries at night
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your go-to place for excellent-quality zonnepanelen, omvormers, batterijen, montage, laadpaal, installatiemateriaal
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make the most out of your solar panels by using energy from batteries at night
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Delivery in less than a week
the decision to opt for solar panels is quick and its execution should be just as efficient, thus, we make sure you receive your order in a week or even less no matter how large your batch is
Excellent quality standards
partnering with us means we ensure safety, efficiency and the highest quality standards every step of the way plus additionally, we always provide post-service by getting the panels covered with the top German insurance company

send us a request and we’ll find the solution that works best based on your requirements, expectations, and goals
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our decision to enter the solar panels business wasn’t a surprise: MCS Solar is a part of MCS Group which is long known for making the world a cleaner, greener place
Eric Prummel
Co-founder and commercial director
We must be careful with our planet, for ourselves, but also for the generations to come. One of the ways to do it is to switch to solar energy. At this point in time, the market is in demand for solar panels and accessories to be there on the spot but barely any company can supply them. At MCS Solar we have found the right partner to solve this problem as we deliver in less than a week. Are you joining us on our way to the solar-energy future? Please feel free to contact me to see what we can do for each other.
Chen Chen
Co-founder and operations director
Massive emissions of carbon dioxide cause ecological imbalance all across the world. We, at MCS Solar, are here to become your #1 solar energy supplier to help you convert light into usable energy without producing carbon dioxide or any other harmful gases. Let's contribute to the positive change of our earth's environment together.
Yung Li
Co-founder and advisor
Nowadays the demand for solar panels and related products is massive and suppliers can barely catch up with it. This holds back the greening of the country and still keeps us highly dependent on fossil fuels. With MCS Solar we want to conquer this problem with a large available stock which we are able to deliver within a week.
Arjan de Groot
Co-founder and advisor
The demand for the solar panels is skyrocketing yet currently the traditional market is in a position of a the massive shortage of both solar panels and accessories.
We, at MCS Solar, are here to solve this. We are a solution to stocking up your electricity supply. With a large stock of modern, high-quality solar panels and accessories in place, we can deliver and provide a reliable solution to you in less than a week. We are here to solve your problems and doing so speed up providing independent and sustainable energy supply, thus becoming less dependent on fossil fuels for all Europe.
Jaap de Groot
At MCS Solar we make an important step at supplying so much-needed solar panels to the European market. Clean energy solutions for a good price are available and can be delivered in a fraction of the time. MCS Group is already well-known for helping eliminate pollution by industrial cleaning for many industrial businesses across the Netherlands and we cannot wait to bring this same high-standard practices to the solar industry.
we strive to provide the highest quality tech and service
in-depth research, innovation and constant improvement are at the core of our partner CECEP Solar Technology business and those are not some flashy statements
national-level scientific research projects such as the National Torch Plan and National Key New Products are under curation
invention patents, 159 utility model patents, and 4 appearance designs are owned by CECEP Solar Technology as of the end of 2021
- listed as "Top 20 Chinese Photovoltaic Module Enterprises"
- has a national-level CNAS laboratory and won the 3d prize of science and technology in Jiangsu Province for its PVB double-glass module technology
- national and Zhenjiang-level "green factories" and "water-saving enterprises" in Jiangsu Province
"China's Good Photovoltaic National Brand" in 2020 by virtue of its flagship product double-glass modules, characteristic products of high-efficiency half-cell modules, and excellent performance
- listed as "Top 20 Chinese Photovoltaic Module Enterprises"
- won Polaris Cup "Influential Photovoltaic Cell Module Brand Enterprise"
- won "Influential BIPV Solution Enterprise"
- passed the first batch of "Informatization and Industrialization Management System Implementation Standard 2.0 AAA"
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