Activum Groen Lease
Do you have plans to make your building more sustainable, obviously for the environment, but also to save energy costs? Then you have come to the right place at Activum Groen Lease.

Activum Groen Lease offers you:

• 100% financing possible. Including mounting, inverters, mounting materials, etc.
• Clear in advance, without paperwork.
• All-in-one package. Solar panels, heat pumps, LED lighting, and energy storage are possible in 1 contract.
• Durations of up to 10 years possible

Spreading your financiers, not placing everything with your main bank, improving your borrowing capacity.
Activum Groen Lease helps you with financing solutions for solar panels, heat pumps, energy storage and charging stations for SMEs.
With more than 20 years of experience in equipment leasing and access to various financing parties, Activum Groen Lease lowers the threshold for financing your sustainable investments. This way, we contribute to the energy transition for existing offices and buildings.

Activum Groen Lease arose from the idea that SMEs are finding it increasingly difficult to access the money market, especially for investments in existing buildings to improve sustainability.
With a financing background of many years at various equipment leasing companies, we lower the threshold for financing these investments. We independently search for the best financing solution.

The impending obligation to have every office building meet a minimum C energy label from 2023 makes this topical. In practice, office buildings built before 2003 in particular, will have to be made more sustainable. How will you finance these investments? We are happy to help you with this, transparent and clear in advance.

Together with MCS Solar, we can help you with the energy transition.
Click here for the Green Lease calculator for a calculation and a no-obligation quote

NB MCS Solar does not have and will not have any access to your financial figures.